Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wow, Time Flies!

Has it really been a month since I last posted? I cannot believe that. Things have been hectic, and I have been using much of my spare time to take part in challenges at Challenges like the Flylady Challenge are helping me to keep my house clean. The October Photohunt Challenge are helping me with my photography. I've been having a great time with all of it, so I can't complain!

My digital photography teacher gave us a really tough assignment last week. We were to do "street photography," and take pictures of people in public places. To some this might seem easy, unfortunately, I have a slight case of anxiety, and a intense fear of confrontations. The thought of taking random pictures of stranger, who might get upset, almost brought on a panic attack. I was so stressed out about it that my teacher set up a scenario in which I was photographing a girl in the class, while she came at me angrily. It didn't work. I just wanted to run! So the quality of my work this week will most likely be horrible. I am going to spend tomorrow editing them and then add them on to this blog.

Liam has cut his 3rd tooth as of two days ago (top, left, front tooth). He seemed to take it pretty well, I didn't even know that he was teething until I started seeing the white. He is also getting very vocal. He has been able to say syllables like ma, da, and ba for a while, but just recently he's really getting to where he can carry on a conversation. He is full of energy and smiles, while we are at home. Whenever we take him anywhere he either has a meltdown, or is really quiet. Not that I can blame him. It is overwhelming to babies when a million women (took him to a baby shower at my job today) come toward you at a time. Even to a baby who is a male! Most people are understanding, but sometimes I think it hurts their feelings. We took him to my S-I-L's house the other night (she's pregnant, so she's a little hormonal anyways), and he didn't want to play with anybody. He cried if daddy or mommy didn't have him. I think she got a little upset, but she didn't say anything. Fortunately, if someone comes to our house, he is extremely happy and cuddly. I just think he feels out of his element sometimes. Right now he is in love with a HUGE tickle-me-elmo, it is great! I think he wants Elmo to be his girlfriend. Either that or he just wants to eat that red fur. I keep finding it in his mouth!

On to other things on my mind. So I know we have all been aware of the crazy politics going on this year. It's in the news, on billboards, in our face all the time. I am ready for the election to be over!!! I hate campaign time. I hate the slurs, lies, and utter bullshit, all for a vote. Don't get me wrong I plan to vote, and I am neither Democrat or Republican, because both are extreme ideals. I am very middle of the road in my politics. (For the record, I am voting for Obama this year.)

Bottom line is I am sick of all politicians. They come on tv and make promises to the American people. "If you vote, I will... buy you a house, fix your car, make your life better, bring your dead cat back to life, change the world..." And once they are in office they do absolutely nothing unless it benefits themselves (George W. Bush, for example (a little bitter about this guy)). All of the senators and congressmen will vote on raises for themselves, and a retirement plan that guaruntees that they will make what they are making now when they retire. They vote to give money to companies that need it (didn't realize a spa week was a necessity, but then I do know what it feels like to be really poor). I am just so damn bitter toward the whole process.

Here's my idea, eliminate all of the congressmen and senators (have 2 people from each state to represent the state, if need be) these two people will not get an extravagant amount of money. Turn America into a true democracy (we are currently a republic, because we use representatives), and enable all of the American people to vote. Everyone. So anytime a bill shows up for approval, someone has to explain it to the American people, show the pitfalls and benefits, and then we all log into (or something) and say "yay" or "nay."
This will take money away from all the corrupt politicians (who don't even bother to show up and vote half the time), and it will give us the power to make our own educated decisions. That way when something goes wrong, we can blame ourselves.

Another idea. Legalize marijuana. Use the money from growing marijuana (after costs and such) to fund healthcare. Take the profits that cigarette companies are making, and make them pay for quitting aids for the American public (everyone wants everyone to quit smoking, but insurance won't cover it (no idea why), and the quitting aids are expensive.

Another idea. We should have the ability to vote (each and every American) to kick somebody out of office at a moment's notice. i.e. Palin tries to use her power to get someone she doesn't like fired, well, guess who's fired now. or.... a mayor decides to take a month long vacation to Europe on our dime, take your ass back home, cause you're fired. Politicians work for us. WE PAY THEIR SALARY. Sadly enough, they have forgotten that. So if they are supposed to have our best interests and they don't, not only are they fired, they should have to serve jail time. I, say, throw the damn book at them. I am tired of their promises. I am tired of their lies. Why in the hell can a politician do what they want with no recourse. And I'm not talking we'll take it to the courts and blah, blah, blah. We will see their income, we will scrutinize their morals, and WE will fire them if we have to. We put them in office, why the hell can't we kick them out?

Okay, I'm sorry for ranting, but I have had to get this off of my chest for some time now. I have had it with our corrupt government!

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  1. Amen sister!!!
    i have to say as a Canuck even i can't wait for your elections down there to be over!!! LOL i am so tired of the mudslinging and just outright lies...
    i have to say i do like that in Canada our Parliament can dispute the Prime Minister every day. He has to defend (on camera) every action he makes to the entire parliament who can call him to task...and if they don't like his answers they vote against him and we got to a new election...we have one this week actually...
    means more voting but less abuse of power...
    i do think politicians are forgetting that they are responsible to every citizen..not their bank account...most don't realize that....

    In other news congrats on Liam's 3rd tooth! Xander is doing the melt down/ sweet zen baby everytime in the car..dunno what he will do next LOL!