Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Photo Shoot

So today was a super day! Gyrome and I met Regina and her family at the Island Park in Cherokee. I had promised her months ago to do family photos. She had her beautiful children Bianca and Zach with her. This was an awesome photo shoot. Her kids were great and loved running around finding spots for pictures. Zach even suggested shots to me that I thought were awesome. This was my first photo shoot with people other then my family. I loved getting the chance to practice my photography, and hanging out with my friends!

Feel free to critique me and help me improve my skills! I used a Canon Rebel xTi.

Here were my favorite group shots:

# 9764







Here are the individual shots I got of Regina!
Here are the pictures I got of Bianca! She is so photogenic!
#9772 #9778 #9779

This is by far my favorite picture that I got today!


Here are the pictures I got of Regina's handsome son, Zach:



All in all, I had such a great time!!!!!!! What a lovely family!
P.S. Just in case some person wonders in here and wants to "steal" my pictures... All images are my property, and cannot be used or reproduced without my permissions!