Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lovely October Weather.

So we have been having some glorious October weather! We have spent a ton of time outside enjoyting it. The nights and mornings have been cold, there's been a little bit of rain, but there are some gorgeous, gorgeous sunshine. We have been taking Liam to the park and we have been outside every single chance we get. Here are some photos.

This is the day we took Liam to the park. He had a blast running around, although he had absolutely no interest in any of the park toys, he just wanted to run around!

I love these pictures of him, he looks like such a little boy.

He was obsessed with the soccer goal posts. He kept running through them, and then he kept getting tangled up in the strings. It was funny, but I was glad Trey was there to keep him from getting strangled.

We got to spend a little time on the actual park area. But it was mostly spent chasing Liam around and trying to get him to like the stuff.
I tried to get him to crawl through one, but he wasn't having it. He would rather run around it to get to me, then through it. I was trying to get that super cool bordered photo. No such luck!

We finally got Liam on the swing! He was a bit unsure for a few moments, but he eventually got into it.

And I even managed to get some great pictures of the beautiful fall colors.

Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out the pictures!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Margy.... The Racist.

Okay, the title is probably a little misleading, but something happened to me at work tonight that really upset me.

It was a typical Friday night, and I'm walking along doing my thing, asking people if they want a drink. I go down a row, just like any other day... I ask people if they want a drink, get some responses, other people just keep playing (they don't like to be bothered when they are playing), but like I always do I ask each person if they want anything. Some do, some don't, some ignore me. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I get all the way down the end of the row, and a woman starts yelling at me. I look back, and she says to me, "What? You don't see me sitting here, I want something to drink." She is obviously pissed off, and downright rude. I take a deep breath, and walk back to her, and say, "I did ask you, ma'am, and you gave no response, so I moved on." At this point, I'm not being rude, although I would love to be. I ask her what she would like to drink, and she doesn't say a word, she just starts grabbing stuff off my tray. I am holding my tongue, because that is the rudest thing you can do to a server. First, a person has no idea what I'm carrying, and second, if you grab something off my tray and I'm not paying attention, you can cause the tray to become unbalanced and spill all over the place. On the guest and on myself. And I carry hot coffee. She proceeds to pick everything she wants off my tray, and turns around and starts playing again. I just walk off, as I am walking away she mutters under her breath, "This place is full of nothing, but damn racists."

Now this stuns me. I mean I am in shock. I am almost 30 years old, and no one in my entire life has ever come close to calling me racist, sexist, or any other -ist, lol. The lady was African American.

So I am really upset about this. First off, I am the furthest thing from a racist person. I don't give a crap what color a person's skin is. I only care about what kind of person they are. I hear about this happening a lot. There have been numerous times that guests have complained that a person was racist, because of many different reasons. The person may have been a racist, or the guest may have just been upset, because they were told no.

I really just don't know what to say to this. I went to high school in Robbinsville and my first year in a small hick town was horrible. I got picked on, people threw things at me, and of course I heard many rude comments. All because I wasn't white. My brother eventually got moved to another school, because someone in our school SHIT in his shoes, while he was in gym class. I once got beat up by the football team, because they were picking on a friend of mine who is black. I jumped in the middle of it, and got my ass kicked.

So for someone to call me a racist, that just pisses me off. I hate racism, and I hate reverse racism. I have now been on both sides of the fence, and they are BOTH ugly. To be treated like crap, because you are not a certain race, or sex, or you just don't fit in, is the most ignorant thing a person can do. BUT to assume that someone is being racist to you just because you are a "minority" is also just as ignorant. If everyone in the world would treat people exactly as they want to be treated, then maybe this kind of crap wouldn't go on.

I would not have been rude to this woman, if she hadn't been rude to me first. And if it had been a person of any other color, I would have acted the same exact way. Granted, in my job I know that I am suppose to turn the other cheek, and all that. But at the end of the day, I will give every person in this world the same amount of respect that they give me, no more and no less. That is exactly how I was raised, and it is the way I will raise my son.

And for the record, I do realize racism still does exist. I live in the deep south and I see it more than a person should. I am horrified at some of the things people thing, do, or say. Whether it be prejudice against women, homosexuals, African Americans, Hispanics, or people with ugly feet. Well I really hate people with ugly feet (lol, just playing, Trey says I have hobbit feet, and I do). Nobody should be raised to treat any person differently. BUT that door swings both ways. I see a lot of racism toward minorities, but I also see a lot of racism toward white people.

People need to be educated, and that's also why I think that kids should have to serve a term in the military when they get older. If they were forced to leave their safe haven, and thrown into a service with different cultures, maybe change could one day begin.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Self Introduction!

As part of the new blogging challenge at, I am doing an introduction page!

Real Name - Margy Lynn
Name on - Margy - it's not very original, but it's simple and I don't have to tell everyone my real name, yes, lazy, I know!

100 Word or Less Tell Us About Yourself, I used 60 words:
mother, daughter, aunt, sister, friend, scrapbooker, photographer, waitress, student, smart, OCD, honest, kind, tempermental, moody, loveable, chubby, funny, wife, loyal, ethical, whiny, lazy, happy, veteran, feisty, short, nerd, creative, decisive, opinionated, liberal, outspoken, outgoing, sarcastic, obnoxious, annoying, spicy, persistent, overprotective, gracious, observant, shopaholic, sincere, brilliant, political, tree-hugger, band geek, thinker, assertive, grateful, crazy, motivated, humble, idealistic, compassionate, clingy, conceited, tired

What type of scrapbooking do you do?
I do mostly paper scrapbooking. I enjoy doing layouts about myself and my family. Of course, my son gets his fair share of scrapbook pages!

What ispires you?
There are many things: magazines, colors, nature, my surroundings, and I get a lot of inspiration from the amazing scrappers at

What are other favorite things that you like to do?
I like to take photos. We love taking Liam to the park, or on hikes although it's starting to get a bit cold. I love being in the water. I love watching tv with my family. Occasionally we'll play video games. We love going on day trips to Ashevill. And I adore shopping (too much, but that's another blog).

What do you like to do to relax?
watch TV, scrapbook, play on the computer, sit on the porch

What's your favorite kind of music?
I like everything, seriously everything. Some of my favorite artists include: Lorrie Morgan, Tool, 3 Doors Down, Black Eyed Peas, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Matchbox 20, the list can go on and on forever and I am sure that I am forgetting many!

What's your fave TV show?
There are so many: Desperate Housewives, TruBlood, Grey's Anatomy, House, Eureka, Sons of Anarchy, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef, Community

Do you collect anything?
Only scrapbooking supplies. I use to collect dolphins, but I got over that a few years ago!

What make you, YOU?
There are many different things. I am hyper and really dorky funny. I love to laugh, and I enjoy life. Being a mom is a big part of me right now. I'm an ex Army soldier, and I have a lot of discipline from that. I'm a total book worm and a nerd, and I love school. I'm very shocking and inappropriate, and if I might brag just a little, I am unforgettable! No one forgets me or the crazy things that come out of my mouth!

If you were on a desert island, what 3 things would you take?
my computer (I'm assuming the desert island has electricity).
my son (I'm not taking Trey, because he would hog the computer, lol).
a kindle (totally stole this answer from someone else, it's brilliant!)