Monday, September 8, 2008

Curious George!

My child is so very curious, or maybe a better term would be nosy! He is into everything! I am shocked at the difference in him that 6 months can make. He can now officially crawl, he's up on his knees and hands (no more low-crawling for this boy). He can pull himself up to standing position, and he loves to hold on to the edge of the couch and then let go! I've tried to explain to him that he didn't get much in the brain department from his mommy or daddy, so he needs to stop bumping his head and killing them brain cells. He doesn't listen. I look like a runner sliding for home plate as I spend my days trying to catch him before he hits the ground. Do they make crash helmets for babies?

I am not breastfeeding him as much, and I am sure that he is slowly getting weaned off the boob. I wanted desperately to bf til he was a year old, but now that he has teeth it is a painful process! Last Friday, I had my first mental breakdown as a mommy, and I felt like a terrible person because of it. I was overwhelmed from a three day lack of sleep (he was sick), and he was overwhelmed cause he felt yucky. Friday we just laid on the ground together and cried. I felt like a total failure to him. By Saturday we were both feeling much better!

We have put him on baby food and he is so much fun to watch! He is very stubborn in what he likes and doesn't like. He absolutely hates butternut squash and green beans. He loves sweet potatos, carrots, peaches, and bananas. We've also given him small pieces of watermelon, rice and mashed potatoes (he loves all of that). I even gave him a taste of my fudgesicle (well before Trey realized what I was doing, and stopped me!).

School is going well. My public speaking (a class I have put off taking) teacher is really cool, and I enjoy talking to her (not talking in front of the class). I am also loving my digital photography class. I am learning so much, and I am enjoying my Canon Rebel xti. I only wish I had Adobe Photoshop CS3 here at home. I have learned a ton of things to do on it, but I only have Photoshop Elements at the house. I looked on their website and I can get it for $300 with a student discount, but that is still a big chunk of money!!!!
Here are a few photos that I took for my first assignment in class. They are just random shots.

A picture of the Chinese Restaurant that we love to visit!

A picture of the courthouse.

A great shot I got of my son!

Another shot of my child!

A picture taken at the sawmill near my house. It breaks my heart to see these trees, and I don't do enough to help the environment.

Our next assignment was landscapes, and I should have those edited and finised by the end of this week!


  1. Wow you sure have some fabulous photos there. Tim and I drool over Canon XTI's ...someday. Love the pix of your son, he's such a cutie patootie.

  2. Just stopping by to say hello. Your son has gotten so big and he is just sooooooo adorable. I'm sure you are enjoying every fun filled day. I know what you mean about trying to catch them before falling and then if they do you just feel so bad you hurt for them. I don't blame him for not liking certain foods. Don't they make such cute faces when they don't like something?

    That speech class sounds scary I don't like speaking in front of people either.

    I don't understand why software has to be so expensive. I remember when I purchased the Microsoft Office Suites they were a pretty penny too.

    Take care and thank you for stopping by to check out my blogs. I love reading your blog and seeing how little Liam is growing.

  3. I've just been having a read of your blog. I love the way you write, it is so honest. My son is 8 months and has stopped the falling on his head, he was forever bruised.

    Sorry you had a meltdown, but they happen. My eldest is 3 and I have had my fair few, potty training was a nightmare for me, but after all, we're human and we do the best we can.

    Goegeous photos to, looks like you're doing really well!!