Monday, October 13, 2008

Palin = Hitler

Palin = Hitler
Well I had a long angry blog about why I believe that Palin is the devil, but unfortunately I lost it. Here's my shortened version.

1. She abuses her power. She has been found guilty for using her position as governor to try and get her brother-in-law fired. There is no speculation or rumors. She has been found guilty. I love that! Every good, moral Christain should strive to be like her. So instead of being punished for her abuse of power, we should elect her Vice President. Actions speak louder than words. Heaven forbid, she should read my blog. I mean it's only freedom of speech, but it is against Palin. She would be absolutely perfect for Cuba.

2. Palin sees no gray. Abortion is wrong, even in rape and incest cases. Killing is wrong. I mean, she is Christain, the bible says, "thou shalt not kill" right. Every 12 year old girl who was raped by a family member and ends up pregnant shouldn't have a choice. Palin should make that choice for her. This coming from the woman who proudly shows a picture of her "field stripping" a moose. This coming from a woman who has stated that we should go to war with Russia. I guess, Palin is the one who gets to decide whose life is precious, huh? Sounds a lot like Hitler to me.

3. Palin used tax payer money to visit churches. While I realize that most people are cool with this, it is wrong. This woman has her own damn money. If Palin were Muslim, and using tax payer dollars to visit mosques, the American people would be up in arms. Why should she get to use our hard earned money to visit church? Do you know how many people work Sundays, so that their families can make it? Shouldn't they be able to go to church? Nope, they should just pay so Palin can go.

4. Palin thinks that creationism should be taught in public schools. Again, I realize that I am in the minority here, but this is EXTREMELY WRONG. There is a reason that our founding fathers wanted separation between church and state. They had been persecuted, because of their religion. How fair is it to people who don't believe in creationism? Why should it be taught? She wants to take away freedom of religion from people. What if she were Hindu? Would you want public schools teaching your child how the world was created according to the Hindu religion? What about the kids in public schools that are Hindu, Islamic, or Jewish? Does their freedom of religion not matter? Next, she'll want to take away freedom of speech....

5. Do you know that Palin has a child with special needs? Really, you didn't??? Well, she mentions it every time she opens her mouth. I am not downing any mother who has a child with special needs, I can't even imagine what it is like, because I haven't been there. I am sick of Palin exploiting her child to win sympathy votes. Don't let that woman empathize with you. She
has no idea what everyday Americans struggle with. While we are struggling to pay our power bill, to save up money for retirement (hell do you know where your 401K money is?), to support our families, Palin is using tax payer dollars to go to church. This woman has the money to make sure her children have the best medical care, the best education, and the best lives. She doesn't know what it is like for us everyday Americans, and she doesn't care as long as she has enough of our money to support her life style.

In conclusion, Palin is the most hypocritical person I have ever seen. Life is only sacred when she deems it. Religion is only okay, if it is her religion. A person's quality of life is only important as long as that person agrees with the things that she believes in. If McCain dies, this tyrant who only sees things "her way" will be President of the United States. I feel for any American who doesn't agree with Palin, on any issue. There are going to be a lot of Americans getting fired, or worse.

Hitler felt the same way as Palin. He felt that a certain people were "superior" to everyone else. He felt that a different religion was wrong. He felt that he had the power to decide whose life was important and whose life wasn't. They're really not that different, those two.

Palin = Hitler

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