Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scrap Paper Give Away

And the winner is...... Sarah! Thanks to all of you for playing, and I hope to have some more stuff cleared out soon!!!

Well last night I realized that I could no longer shut my filing cabinet door. Not only could I not shut the drawer, but I could no longer get file folders back into it. Why, you might ask, because I have a ton of scrap paper that I am never going to use. I dislike throwing away things that are still usable, because at the heart of it all I am a tree-hugging mo-fo. So... the solution... I am hosting a give away!!! Since I keep hearing that one person's trash is another person's treasure, I would like to send my "trash" to your house, so that you can "treasure" it. LOL!

Here are some pictures of the scrap pile. Here are some pictures of my scrap pile. If you would like to be entered just post a comment to this blog (please leave me your email address or some way of getting in contact with you, if you win!), On Oct. 22, I will have hubby draw a name from the hat, and voila! Bear in mind a couple of things. I can't afford to ship internationally, so I am sorry for that. BUT, if you live in Canada feel free to leave a comment, and play. I am going to the Post Office on Wednesday, and I will check what Shipping charges are for Canada. If they are not to high, I will gladly send this off! Another thing, I will draw on the 22nd, but depending on the status of our financial situation, it could take me a full week before I get it mailed off (gotta wait on that payday!) Good luck to everyone, and somebody please, please, take this paper off of my hands!!!!

I am slowly cleaning out my scrapbooking stash, so check back to see if I am having any more give aways!

Most paper scraps are apprx. 4x6 or 8x8!


  1. You are right, one persons trash is anothers treasure! I use scraps all the time for cards and tags. They also work great for kids to use. I can always use more,, but then I am a paper-a-holic!! LOL

    YOu can email me at scottrenamcd@yahoo.com or I will leave a comment on sb.com's forum post you left, as Gamma Rena.

    Thanks, Rena

  2. Wow. Thats so nice of you.

    You can email me at pgarrish@live.com.

    Thanks, Phoebe

  3. wow! you couldn't be more right...one man's trash is another man's treasure. i just started scrapbooking and could all the extra paper i could get. that's so kind of you to give away your goodies!

    i do live overseas, but my address is an APO so it costs the same as mailing within the US.

    you can email me at partywithmeamc@yahoo.com

    thank you!

  4. Oh, my gosh...what a nice stash you have!!!!.....your a sweetheart to share it...thanks so much for this chance...


  5. i would love to help you lighten your load. i live in the US and i am willing to help with international costs. the best way to reach me is through sb.com, i am Lamoo12. i will leave a comment on your post in the forum. TFS!

  6. that is so kind of you!!

    Margaret aka scrappinmomto2girls!
    from sb.com

  7. johnsusan8 (Susan)October 14, 2008 at 5:47 AM

    How nice of you! When I first read your blog I thought you were saying you were from Canada and would only ship within Canada. The best way to reach me is through PM on sb.com. I am johnsusan8. I will also leave a comment on your post in the forum. I love your guy birthday card. Very masculine.


  8. I love the blue paper, if shipping is too high to Canada I can help pay since I need to do a few gift albums for Christmas I can make good use of the scraps.

  9. Margy you make me laugh, you are so sweet. I'm not leaving a comment cos I want your paper and I live internationally anyway and as you know I to am trying to declutter my life, but just to say I sorted out all my 12x12 papers a few weeks ago and I was horrified by how much I had. Isn't it crazy how quickly this stuff all builds up. A friend of mine has just started making cards so I gave her a load of stuff.

  10. this is a great idea very helpful and eco friedly!!!

    my email is sankie1987@hotmail.com i try to check it everyday so its the best way to get a hold of me

    thanks for sharing!!!

  11. How sweet of you! Thanks for the chance of winning some pretty paper.

    my email is mrssugarbear@hotmail.com


  12. Hi Margy!! I would like to be entered too!! Thanks for giving us this opportunity!!



  13. this is a wonderful thing you are doing.... please add me to your drawing.



  14. I have a huge paper addiction! Pick me, pick me!!
    You can reach me at nellyk_721@yahoo.com

  15. That's so cool of you to give away your scraps! Totally wicked nice of you!


  16. I love paper! This stuff looks so fun!


  17. I would love to enter!

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  18. So wonderful of you to give others the items you will not use!! I am pretty new to all this and can't imagine getting to the point of having to much scrap stuff!
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!
    Have a great day!

  19. Yes! Yes! Yes! I'd love to take some of your "trash" off your hands.

  20. I would love to be entered into the drawing! You can email me at vchyrd@mizzou.edu.
    Thanks! Valerie

  21. Helping you to clear your scrap area of this trash would be wonderful!! You have some great papers in your trash!!!

    aka Croppin4Christ on sb.com

  22. Ohhh count this Canuck in girl!!!


    i love scraps...makes me get more creative!
    lovely idea hun!

  23. I would certainly love your trash lol! txht2003@yahoo.com

  24. Boy mommy2liam I really missed out on this hey? I've been too busy with work and not enough time to read the blogs which I'm trying to do today.