Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lovely October Weather.

So we have been having some glorious October weather! We have spent a ton of time outside enjoyting it. The nights and mornings have been cold, there's been a little bit of rain, but there are some gorgeous, gorgeous sunshine. We have been taking Liam to the park and we have been outside every single chance we get. Here are some photos.

This is the day we took Liam to the park. He had a blast running around, although he had absolutely no interest in any of the park toys, he just wanted to run around!

I love these pictures of him, he looks like such a little boy.

He was obsessed with the soccer goal posts. He kept running through them, and then he kept getting tangled up in the strings. It was funny, but I was glad Trey was there to keep him from getting strangled.

We got to spend a little time on the actual park area. But it was mostly spent chasing Liam around and trying to get him to like the stuff.
I tried to get him to crawl through one, but he wasn't having it. He would rather run around it to get to me, then through it. I was trying to get that super cool bordered photo. No such luck!

We finally got Liam on the swing! He was a bit unsure for a few moments, but he eventually got into it.

And I even managed to get some great pictures of the beautiful fall colors.

Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out the pictures!


  1. Awesome pictures! Glad someone's having a nice fall....we've skipped fall here and gone straight to winter.

  2. Beautiful pictures Margy. We have had a horrible fall I wish it was more like that I would love to take the kids to the park and them not need their winter jackets :( Liam is getting so big and is such a cutie :)

  3. Gorgeous photos Margy! I love the one of him through the tube. The ones of dad and him swinging are precious! The ones of him swinging alone are fab. He really is getting to be such a little man. Can't wait to see the Lo's!

  4. Your pictures are awesome and show your handsome little man being totally awesome!! Love the fall pics too!

  5. Margy, These are beautiful picture of your son and the foliage!

  6. He is so darn cute and WOW is he getting big, looks more like a BIG Boy!!

  7. i love the tree pics! your ds is adorable!

  8. Your photos are beautiful!!! Autumn is the Best season ever and these are amazing. Your son is so adorable-precious:-)