Monday, April 6, 2009

A-Zs of Margy

Part of our Blogging challenge @

A - Army
B - beverage server, bright, brash, baby
C - crafty, cheerful, chubby, clumsy, crabby, crazy
D - daughter, dramatic, dysfunctional
E - energetic, educated, erratic
F - funny, fabulous, forgetful, fortunate, friendly
G - girl, good, goofy, grumpy, gullible
H - home, honest, happy, honorable, hysterical
I - interesting, internet addict, intelligent, imperfect, industrious
J - jokester, joyous,
K - kind-hearted, knowledgeable,
L - loving, loyal, lazy, likeable, literate, lively
M - mommy; money, spender of; macabre; materialistic; mature
N - naive, nostalgic, noisy
O - odd, optimistic, obscene, observant, obsolete, outgoing
P - poet, photographer, peaceful, petite, phobic, political, pretty
Q - quarrelsome, quixotic, quick
R -reader, rebel, romantic, rural
S - southerner, sister, scrapbooker, student, shy, sassy, strange, sincere, spicy
T - tomboy, tree hugger, Twilight fanatic, tacky, talented, testy, tough
U - unique, unusual, upbeat
V - volatile, vulgar, vivacious
W - wife, wierd, warm, wacky, wise, wasteful
X - x-rated
Y - youthful
Z - zany, zealous


  1. Great list Margy, I love 'dysfunctional' might have to add that to my list as well :) and Twilight fan (although I fought it hard :))

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is fun Margy. Are you going to scrap it. Hope you are well, haven't been in touch in ages. Liam must be getting big now.

  3. Great A-Z list! Love the dysfunctional one myself.

  4. Awesome list Margy! Much more organized than mine!

  5. Love your list:-) I think reading these A to Z blogs gives such a great insight to the person. Love it!!

  6. Thankyou for teaching me a new word "quixotic", I'm going to look that up now! That was an awesome list!