Monday, April 6, 2009

Books, Books, and Books.

So, this will probably be a long post, because I have not posted anything real in a while. I have been on a big reading kick these past few weeks, and I haven't been able to tear myself away from books long enough to do anything else. It started on Spring Break last week, I was exceptionally bored and I saw Twilight at Walmart. I picked it up. I had put off reading it, mostly because I hate mainstream, and I was tired of hearing about it at work.

It was shocking, lol. I loved it. I read the first one in one day, and then I called my sister in law and asked to borrow the others. Between Sunday and Tuesday during Spring Break I read all four books, and then I read them again. It really was an obsession and Trey was kind enough to put up with me during it. I also watched the movie, but honestly I didn't enjoy it that much. There was too much missing from the books, but it did grow on me, and I do like it now.

So that is where my life has been for the last couple of weeks. Obsessed with Twilight. I finally gave the books back to my sister in law, because it was quite literally ruining my life. I could accomplish nothing.

A couple days ago I started reading Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I have had the book for many years, but every time I started it, I put it back down. I really just couldn't get into it. Possibly because it was such a different time, and some of the women in that book were just so idiotic, I literally wanted to punch them in the face. So I forced myself to read it. I really enjoyed it. I started getting into it about halfway through the book, and I was pleasantly surprised. It also had a great ending. Some of the parts were long and annoying, but I think that is because historical books can be hard to relate to.

So if ya'll have any other reading suggestions let me know!


  1. I've been reading again lately. We go to the library...much more affordable for us. :D I've read Note to Self. I thought it was very good. The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet...loved this one...such a sweet story of first love, I also liked that it has historical events even though it's not a true story. Just finished Home Julie Andrew's autobiography. Amazing how far she has come. She really had been through a lot in her younger years.

  2. My daughter read Twilight long before they even started making the movie, and she kept telling me to read it but I am not really a vampire fan and resisted...well I watched the movie and my husband and daughter kept saying the book was better. So like you I had to find out what the fuss was all about. In 2 days I read Twilight in 2 more days I read New Moon and I am now just starting Eclipse...Amazing how a book can pull you right in :)

  3. Ah Twilight....once you get bitten, there's no turning back. I'm currently reading a book called "Grania: She-King of the Irish Seas" by Morgan Llewellyn. It's a sort fo interesting book about a female pirate and what she did. Though she's not half as cool as Jack Sparrow...though he's fictional. Also "Geek Love" by Katherine Dunn....very strange but interesting book!

  4. I love reading but can't seem to actually read one book at a time. I don't know why but this is a weird quirk of mine I guess. I am reading Twilight right now and another book called Night Echoes that I bought from a thrift store and it looked really good and sounded good. I have many books on my 'to read' list at Goodreads and have even made a goal to read atleast 25 books this yr.:-)

  5. Oh yep you've been bitten! Welcome to the dark side (mwahh ha ha). Twilight is awesome isn't it! I'm trying not to finish the last book to quick. I like to read Jodi Picoult too - another really good writer.

  6. I was also surprised how much I enjoyed it, but like you was pretty disappointed in the movie. Not too disappointed to watch it more than once, lol.