Sunday, March 1, 2009

Liam's First Birthday!

So last Sunday we celebrated Liam's first birthday. I wanted to go ahead and record all the events, just in case I forget before I get the chance to scrap them. His birthday was on Sunday the 22nd, but I took off all weekend, so we could spend some time together as a family.

On Friday, we went to Walmart and picked out a birthday cake for Liam. We rented a couple movies, and spent most of our time at home hanging out.

On Saturday, we went searching for party decorations. We decided on a dinosaur theme (based on the cake, lol) and found a home and party store in Waynesville with some dinosaur stuff. Since I waited til the last moment, we kind of had to get what we could get. We then went to Sagebrush for lunch.

Sunday was the day of Liam's party. We got up early and drove to Ryan's for breakfast (they serve the best breakfast). Well we got to Ryan's and realized that they no longer served breakfast (apparently due to the economy). So we were a bit disappointed, but we headed down to the Huddle House. At the Huddle House, Liam got an order of biscuits and gravy for breakfast (I'm trying to fatten him up).

After that we went home and got ready for the party. Here's Liam's Birthday cake, Trey picked it out and he was so proud of himself.

The party started at about 2:30 p.m. Here's Liam in his highchair with all of the fun decorations that his uncle Mack and aunt Stephanie picked up for him.

Here is a picture of the gifts that Liam recieved. He got a ball popper, cell phone, toy cars, and clothes from us. His mimi brought him eeyore and winnie the pooh stuffed animals, and a ton of clothes. Aunt Stephie and Uncle Mack got him some GI Joes. Erin brought him some tub crayons. Jessica got him some clothes. His godfather Alan, got him a vacuum cleaner and some diapers. He got quite a bit of money from some other people, like his other godfather, Pop, and April. He really racked up!

Liam thoroughly enjoyed his birthday cake. He was very timid and particular at tasting it slowly. Kind of like a wine connossieur (sp?) tries wine, but he soon got into it.
He's always willing to share his food, so when Trey and I leaned in for a shot with our birthday boy....

This was the closest thing we got to a family shot. After cake and presents, Liam had a great day playing with all of his new toys and all of the children. Jessica brought her kids, Ansley and Elliot. His cousins, Tyler, Faith, and Cruz were there. Erin brought her baby, Logan. Angela brought her son Aiden.

All in all, it was a pretty good day!


  1. Looks like a wicked good time! Awesome looking cake!

  2. What a great 1st birthday celebration! He sure looks grown up. Savor all these moments, soon he'll be a teen. Ugh! LOL

  3. What a great day Liam had!! I absolutley LOVE that cake face picture. His expression is perfect!

  4. I LOVE the cake pic... always a fun memory. I bet he had a wonderful day.

  5. Sorry I have to admit the biscuits and gravy look really gross. I love the pictures especially where he is trying to feed you his cake. Glad to hear it was a great day

  6. What a fun party - yay for being ONE! What sort of biscuits and gravy is that - I've never heard of that combination before.