Monday, February 23, 2009

Drama, Drama, Drama

So my life has been extremely chaotic, although I am sure that most everyone has to deal with chaos, regularly. Me, I'm a little OCD about my time. I like things planned, and I try to always have some me time. I know, that probably sounds selfish, but I don't really care, lol.

Another thing about me, is that I absolutely hate drama. Well that's not really true, I like drama if it doesn't concern me. I like dramatic shows on tv, and I love gossip as much as the next person (although I try very hard to listen only and not spread it, lol). This last week has been filled with drama, because drama follows me. It really does. I could be seven states away, and somehow my name will be involved in it.

So here goes, I get a call from my older brother, Roger, he is extremely upset. Jessica, the mother of two of his kids (Faith & Cruz) has been put on some kind of - I really don't know what to call it -- but apparently someone called DSS (department of social services). I don't know who or why, but DSS makes both Jessica and her current boyfriend take a drug test. They both fail. DSS tells Jessica she has to move out of her bf's house and that she cannot have her kids unless she is under the supervision of someone else. Jessica moves in with her mom. Jessica's mom then takes Jessica's food stamps and goes and spends the money. Jessica pitches a fit, because the money was for necessities for the kids (food, diapers, etc...). They get in a huge fight, and Jessica's mom calls DSS and tells them to come get the kids the hell out of her house (great job grandma). DSS shows up and they say that there is absolute chaos in the house. Someone gets a hold of Roger (he works up in Indiana during the week) and tells him that his children are being taken. So, of course, my brother freaks, and calls me. So between Roger's current girlfriend (more on that biatch, later), myself, and my mom we have the children.

Right now those poor kids are being shuffled around like they are baggage. It's sad and very hard to watch. I hate my brother's current girlfriend, so I am not happy that the kids are staying with her, but I can't miss school on Tuesday and Thursdays. I've already missed a ton of days over this. Pretty much my brother, Jessica, and his current girlfriend are a bunch of irresponsible jackasses. None of them think of anyone, but themselves. It is such a frustrating situation.

So on to my next rant, my brother's current girlfriend, Crystal. This girl is crazy, I have never met a woman like her. You know those women, who want someone all to themselves, so they will do anything to make sure their significant other hates his family as much as she does. That's Crystal.

My mom recently moved in with us. She had to, because my brother was bleeding her dry, and she couldn't handle it. So we move her, and my brother doesn't even show up to move his stuff. He goes out and parties with a bunch of girls, and sends Crystal and her dad to move his stuff. Crystal spends the whole night complaining (not that I can blame her, but I wouldn't have been moving his shit, that's for sure), and then proceeds to call my brother and tell her that we were mean to her, and we told her how mean my brother was to be out with other girls. First, my mom and I have better manners than to be rude to someone. Second, if she lets my brother go out with other girls while she's moving his stuff, that's her problem.

After that, it was various other things. Anytime, Crystal would come around us, my brother would call us screaming over something we had or hadn't said to her. Basically, it boiled down to Crystal wanting to tell Roger something, and using us as her means to get a point across. It was so bad, we wouldn't even speak to her when she came around, and still my brother called, yelling.

So Crystal shows up for Liam's bday party, because she is bring my brother's kids (oh joy). The whole day she tells everyone how she taught Liam to walk (what????), and how she now has custody of Roger's kids. She spends the day badmouthing the kids' mother, and boasting about what a great mom she is. She even has the nerve to pick up crying babies out of the arms of their mothers!!!! Are you kidding me???? I said nothing all day, because it was Liam's birthday, and I wasn't going to have a fight over her. I also thought I might end up punching her in the face, and Trey told me we didn't have any bail money. Here's the real kicker, Crystal has kids. She has four children of her own. So while she's busy showing everyone how great of a mother she can be to all of Roger's kids, where are her kids? They live with their dad, because he has custody. In the entire time that Roger and her have been dating, I have seen her with her kids, twice.

I spent the whole day, biting my tongue! How dare someone like that try to pass judgement on everyone else??? She keeps telling people she's getting custody of my brother's kids, because she's the only one who loves them enough to take care of them, and yet she doesn't want anything to do with her own kids.....

The worst is how much crap Faith and Cruz are having to deal with. They have no stability, no discipline, and no sense of security. They absolutely scream when they have to leave my house. I am just so frustrated over the whole damn thing.


  1. Whoa. That sounds like a huge no win situation! I give you big props for not losing your cool in such aweful experiences...its too bad this woman took away the fun of Liam's birthday and made it all about her instead of the little man who deserved it! It always seems drama finds us no matter how fast we run! You stay strong girl!

  2. Yikes Margy! That sounds like not a good situation for anyone, especially for kids, to be in. People who spread drama like that are so not cool and are no fun to be around!

  3. Oh Margy, Sorry to hear about all your drama. My Ex's brother was much like this and had a daughter. I so wanted to keep her because she had such an unstable environment too. Hugs to you for hanging in there and biting your tongue I know how difficult that is to do! Take Care.

  4. OMG that Crystal sounds like a piece of work! You are so strong for dealing with this and your own personal stuff. I feel for the kids too - you are doing your best though Sarahxo

  5. Sounds like a couple people in your family need a good swift kick in the rear Margy!! Those two are pathetic!! *Hugs* I Hope this situation straightens itself out soon!

  6. Oh it sounds like you are writing my story...I can totally relate with everything you said here and then some. I feel for you and know I am here if you need someone to listen who has been where you are. I moved 6 hours away from my family for these exact reasons and know that they will never come see me just bitch that I never come to see I just get to hear all this crap second hand.

    hang in there and remember you are your own person and no matter how crazy your family is you are better than that :)