Thursday, November 6, 2008

President Barak Obama!

So, I am glad that the election is finally over. The President of the United States has been elected, and it is finally done with. Personally, I am happy that Obama won. My candidate made it this year, but unfortunately somebody else's candidate lost. So, I have tried very hard to be quiet. I have listened to the complaints, the griping, and the whining, and I have bitten my tongue. Why? Because I know that if the situation had been reversed I would feel the exact same way. I know exactly how upset I would be if Palin managed to become Vice President of the United States. I figure I will let people spend their emotions, get them under control, and than we all can move forward! By the way, I am so happy that I got to witness an African American become President of the United States. How historic!

Unfortunately, I can't keep quiet for very long. I don't mind that people are upset that their candidate lost, really I don't. I understand their feelings completely. Along that note, a big kudos to Senator McCain for giving a touching speech, and attempting to bring the nation together under President Obama. Unfortunately, people (on both sides) are just crazy. Really, they are. I've had people post videos on U-tube about how ridiculous Obama supporters are, and I've seen videos on U-tube about McCain supporters. Stupidity is not only reserved to one party. There are always those bad apples that just make everyone look bad. Really, they are nothing but a waste of space.

Today and for the past few months I have heard it all. Obama is a terrorist, Obama is a Muslim, Obama likes to kill live babies. Seriously, people have opened their mouths and said things without bothering to check the facts. Then they just end up looking stupid to the rest of the world. I get irritated when people just open their mouth and say, "I heard from a friend, of a cousin, of an aunt..." The sentence never ends well. And during this election, I myself have been corrected, and I deserved to be, because people shouldn't state things without having the full story and all the facts to back it up.

First off, the people who keep threatening to move to Canada are nuts. They don't want Obama, he's too liberal, he's a socialist.... Uhhh really? And Canada is where you want to go, because their government is conservative, right? No offense to my darling Canadian friends, because I think Canada is the absolute bomb! Canada is not the place you want to live if you are a conservative, because they are not a conservative country. They have same sex marriage and universal health care. That is because they are awesome! Seriously, I don't feel that it is the government's job to legislate morality. I don't think it's the school's job to legislate morality. If I as a parent, can't teach my kids ethics and morals that pertain to my beliefs, I shouldn't expect other places to do the job for me.

Another crazy, this woman stated that she wished there was another terrorist attack that was even bigger than 9-11, and even more people died... All to prove to the United States that we had made the wrong choice in our President. Are you absolutely nuts? What kind of person are you? People keep saying Obama has "Muslim tendencies," and must be in bed with terrorists.... But this white Christian woman just sanctioned a terrorist attack in the United States. Where is the Patriot Act now? Take her dumbass to Guantanamo Bay, and take away that dumbass's rights. She doesn't deserve them. Thank God, that she is not the majority of Americans.

Another thing (I'll make this short, because I typed it up last night, but I can't get it to load on here). Christianity is not totally reserved for one party. I am not a "Godless American" (you dumbass, Elizabeth Dole), because I voted for a Democrat. I have never, ever seen a verse in the Bible that states, "God only supports members of the Republican party." Hell I've seen Christians that are members of both parties, and athiests that are members of both parties. While we're on the topic of God's endorsements, contrary to what Palin thinks, there is no verse in the Bible that says God supports a war for oil. While Palin may think that she has a direct line with God, I can't imagine a true Christian stating, "There's a place in Hell reserved for women who don't support other women." Contrary to what she says, that woman is not even close to being what a good Christian should strive to be.

I digress. Yesterday, people went to vote for the person they wanted to run the United States. Unfortunately, for McCain fans, the majority of America wanted Barak Obama as President. See that's what makes our country so great... If a party (look at the Bush administration) screws up, then we can step up, and say get the hell out of the White House. You are not helping us, you are hurting us. This keeps all political parties in check. It shows the evil, corrupt politicians that we will stand up to them. That we are tired of their crap. Maybe now, they will be less likely to do whatever they want, because they know that we are THEIR bosses. So while you may not have wanted Obama to be President, the majority did. Now that there has been enough time for people to lick their wounds, complain, and tell me how ashamed of me they are, it's my turn. Put your big girl or big boy panties on, and suck it up. I sucked it up for 8 years, while that idiot ran this country. You can suck it up, too.

I end this blog with a picture of my son, Liam. Should this beautiful gift from God, grow up and want to become the President, maybe he will be elected. Maybe by that time, we will have progressed much further than we are right now. I hope that I never have to worry about my son getting assassinated, because he is not the same race, religion, or sexual orientation. Hopefully people will have really learned to love in Christ's name, instead of just judging in it.


  1. What an awesome blog! Liam sure is a cutie patootie. Those big dark eyes and enormous cheeks make you just want to squeeze him! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hey hun!
    Awesome post! We were so excited up North here to see Obama won the White House! I know i am a Canadian and all but boy do i wish we had Obama running for Prime Minister...our politicians are pretty milktoast/boring up here and someone like Barack gets you feeling hopeful...
    i always find it funny when the Liberals up here win the Conservatives swear they are moving to the USA and voting Republican and i am like seriously??? Want to give up free Health Care and subsidized heating/oil....
    Cause our most hard-core conservatives are still more socialist than the most liberal of Democrats LOL! :)
    i dunno how you guys can endure 4 long years of a crappy president it must be so hard! when we get tired of someone we turf them pretty PM was only in office for 8 weeks or so!
    But anyway...YAY OBAMA!!! I am so excited for you guys!!!!
    P.S. Our Prime Minister is also against Same-sex Marriage but they are trying to pass "Civil Unions" for both gays and straight couples so everyone has tax benefits and a marriage is something done separately in a church as a religious ceremony. But they could never pass something like Prop 8 here in Canada since our constitution prohibits any discrimination based on gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation. (just in case you wondered..)
    sorry to blather on so long!