Monday, June 30, 2008

Goodbye June BBC Challenge!

So, this is the end of June's BBC Challenge. I had a blast, although I wish I could have blogged and read more blogs than I did. That's okay, I'll just start using this blog for it's original intention... LIAM!

Okay, so, I'm feelig like a bad mom... Everyone keeps asking me how old Liam is... and I can never remember. I can give an approximation... like I know he's around 4 months old, but I don't know how many weeks.... Is that horrible? Have all of you other moms experienced this? Or should I call Social Services on myself? I put one of those counters on my profile, so I can look and he is exactly 4 months, 1 week, and 2 days old, but I would never know if it hadn't been for that! It's not just his age either.... I can never remember anything. I can't remember birthdays, someone actually had to tell me my birthday is coming up this week. I forget everyone else's birthdays! Last year we were almost through Thanksgiving, before Trey and I realized it was our anniversary! I'm a total wreck. See my days are categorized by school, work, or home. I never actually can remember what day it is. Oh well, at least Trey doesn't get upset, when I forget his birthday, he understands... (I hope!)

So last week we took Liam to his 4 month check up. He is 14 lbs. 12 1/2 ozs. (just in case I forget), and.... crap how long is he? Oh yeah, 25" Long. That's pretty darn long to me! I mean I'm only 48 3/4" long (4'10"), so hopefully my child will be taller than I am! What other great milestones... Oh yeah, the other night he was fussing in the bassinet, and then he got real quiet! When I went to look, he had put himself back to sleep... I was shocked. He is also sleeping longer... He goes about 3-4 hours before he needs a feeding!!! He still doesn't take many day naps, and he still won't go to bed before 1 a.m., but since we're all night owls, it fits our schedule! He can also grab stuff with his hands, especially my hair. I think I need a short haircut, but my face is too fat, I just can't pull one off. He also started rolling at 14 weeks, which kind of sucks for him, because whenever he finds himself on his tummy he gets mad!

At night, I've started letting him sleep on his tummy if he rolls on it, because we got one of those motion sensors to put under his bassinett pad. If it doesn't detect motion in 20 seconds it sets of an alarm! What else! Oh he loves to laugh, and he is starting to like toys, especially if he can put them in his mouth. If he can't put them in his mouth, he gets angry! He still hates pacifiers, but he takes the bottle when I am at work, thank goodness. He also likes to be "flown" in the air (airplane game). I am not sure if I should be doing that, because I am scared I am going to shake his brain too much. He just laughs, and laughs when I do it, and I am not rough with him, so I hope it's okay (mommies feel free to give me advice)!

When I get to the grocery store this week I am going to get some rice cereal, and start giving him some at night, the doc gave me the okay last week.

Well on to my life (like there was a life before I became a mommy). Work sucked really, really badly last weekend, and I only made $40 on Friday, so I was really upset. I ended up doing really well on Sat, so I'm not stressing so badly. The beginning of the month is always so tight for us, although I think it is probably tight on everybody! This weekend I am working 3 twelve hour shifts, so I am hoping I can make good money, unless I just keel over from exhaustion. Ladies, carrying a tray full of drinks is noooo joke! Especially when it's busy and you're practically running all night to get your sections done! I can't complain too much, I would rather it be busy, than it be slow!

My birthday is Wednesday, and I have to take a huge exam in Pre-Calc. I asked my teacher if he would just go ahead and give me an "A" since we both know I was going to make one. He just rolled his eyes at me, and said he couldn't wait for the day I made a B; he can't wait to see the world end! LOL, I better quit bragging, or I will jinx myself and end up with a B! Although I am trying very hard not to take my grades too seriously. It's only school, and there are more important things in life then making straight A's. I realize that now, more than ever, with my son. I would rather be playing with him, then studying.... Unfortunately, that is why I have become such a slacker in school this summer! I will probably be up til 4 in the morning tomorrow studying!

I think I have wrote (or is it written? I can never remember)... enough for one night!


  1. i too am unable to keep track of weeks vs. months for my son's age. my hubby is constantly correcting me! i am always a week behind or half a month ahead LOL and his is only 10 weeks..or is it 8? LOL
    if your doc says it's okay for the rice stuff it sounds okay but my friend's doc said absolutely nothing until 6 months as they have linked giving solids earlier with Krohns and IBS... not to be a nervous nelly or anything...

  2. Ohhhh, it's so fun to hear all the cute baby things. It's been so long since mine were that little. Don't sweat the little things like how many weeks, look at all the fun things you remember!!

    Good luck with the precalc exam and happy birthday tomorrow! Stop in and say hi sometime. It's been fun blogging with you

  3. Don't sweat the small stuff!! You are doing a good job from what i just read....and Happy Early Birthday!!!

    Good Luck on your test!!

  4. seems like you have a case of mommy brain- I have it too! The more kids you have, the more forgetful you get, LOL!!!

  5. I enjoyed reading this blog because you describe what Liam is doing at 4 months and my grand daughter who I haven't seen yet is also 4 months so it was good to see what your son is up to by grabbing your hair. I was laughing because I remember when my son was young and was grabbing my face with his little hands, that shit hurts! I could just imagine him laughing when you do the airplane thing that it makes me laugh because they sound so cute when they burst out laughing.

    I want to thank you for the comments on my blog. Take care.