Monday, February 9, 2009

The Craziest Week, Ever!

So I am the world's biggest procrastinator. I realize that some people feel that procrastination is wrong, but I think I work best under pressure. I put something off until the very last minute, and then I work like a dog to get it finished. It's a lot of stress, but it really seems to work for me.

So last week I realized I only had until the 15th of Feb to apply for the Radiography program at SCC. It's a Health Science program, that once finished, will enable me to be an xray technician. I guess in a wierd kind of way, I will be doing photography, which I love.

I stop by SCC (Southwestern Community College) to put my application in and I realize there is a whole bunch of crap you have to complete before the deadline! I have to get 24 hours of observation at radiology departments in various hospitals. I also have to get a hold of all of my transcripts, and take the HOAE (Health Occupation Apptitude Exam).

Well so far I have completed 18 hours and on Wed I head to Haywood Regional for my last 8 hours. On Wednesday I crammed like a dog. Thursday morning I took my test, and hoped for the best. I have some of my transcripts, and an appointment to get another one this week. So I think that I am on track!

So I have been stressing over the HOAE. I have been hearing horror stories from other people. It's a 2 1/2 hour test that encompasses: spelling, arithmetic, reading comprehension, life science, and an aptitude to the career. So everyone that I have talked to has been telling me that they made scores of 4's or 2's. I got my test score on Saturday, and I scored a whopping 14 out of 15!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm bragging, lol! I am soooo happy about this!

Now as long as I can ace my interview (if I get one, which I should) I think I should be able to get in this program!

So that has pretty much consumed my first two weeks of Feb, I am hoping that I will get back on the scrapping wagon soon!


  1. Congrats on the grade and good luck on the interview. Interviews....they're scarey!

  2. Wow that is great on your test, you should brag. Good luck getting into the program.