Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Recap/ Winter Post.

Okay so I have been busy. Seriously, crazy busy. I have no idea where to begin, so I am just gonna sum this up as quickly as possible, so I can get to my winter post!

Let's see Christmas day wasn't that bad. Trey and I cooked breakfast for a ton of people. There were a lot of kids, and we were easily overwhelmed, but it was a success. Well except for the crazy woman that my Pop brought as his girlfriend. Apparently she's trying to be a photographer, and felt the need to give me tips. While I am not above tips, I do dislike people talking down to me. Grrrr, but I gritted my teeth and I bore it!

Liam got a ton of presents (I am slowly getting snapshots of all of them). He also took his very first steps on Christmas day! It was really exciting. Right now, he will take steps a few at a time, but he still really likes to crawl.

He's also started sucking his thumb, which I think is really wierd. I was led to believe that he would suck his thumb from birth or not at all. Now he's at 10 months old, and he is loving that bad boy. He also loves to shake his head no. (with me as his mom, I'm not surprised). He loves to bite, and I have no idea how to stop that (any advice would be appreciated). He can also say, "ma ma."

I have entered a ton of cool challenges on I am really excited about the Project 365 Challenge. Basically, we'll take a photo a day, and at the end of every week we'll create a layout with those seven photos. I am keeping up, but it is only the 4th day!

I am also part of the blogging challenge (hoping to blog at least once a week), and our weekly prompt was winter, so here goes.

When someone mentions the word winter, I immediately think of snow. We don't get a lot of snow in Western North Carolina, but we do get some. Every now and then we'll get a ton, and I will get to go out and do something completely redneck. In Feb of '06, we had a huge snow. I woke up in the morning to a ton of snow, and knew that I would not be driving into work that day!
A friend of mine came over to pick me up, and we heading to Soco Mountain to see what we could get into!

The snow was everywhere, and it was breathtaking. I took a ton of pictures, and we drove around sliding along the road, and finding places large enough to do doughnuts in. We finally decided to head up this one road and see what kind of trouble we could get into up there.

The road was too hilly and curvy to try things, so we decided to turn around and we got stuck! We sat in the snow for a little while, just hanging out.

A snow plow finally showed up, and this poor guy tried his best to unstick us from the ditch or whatever we were stuck in. He finally had to leave, because I'm sure he had a job to do! Nice guy! Finally after messing around for a long time, we finally got the truck unstuck (I'm sure some of the snow had finally melted), and we headed home for some hot cocoa!

It was a really, really good snow day! I love winter!


  1. Great post, I love your winter photos.

    Does Liam use a pacifier? I know babies like to suck a lot and never had a problem with mine having a pacifier. I don't think either of mine sucked their their thumb. I know Mitch used a pacifier til he was about 5 mos and Noah just chewed on the hard edge of a nuk pacifier. Guess I'm really no help. Grins. Hope someone can help you better than me. We have a full house here. I am making my oldest stay here as he does not have a place to live back home in Milwaukee WI. So we'll see how that goes.

  2. WOW! Those are some awesome snow pictures! Gives me the shivers just looking at them. That kind of snow...I'd be hiding in my house with my computer and some anime.

  3. Wow! Look at the snow! That's some serious stuff.

  4. First I totally agree with you about people talking down to you when they give advice...grrr.

    Second about the thumb sucking thing, my youngest is still attached to his and he is almost 5 so it is a habit that I don't recommend. He started at birth though. They say that some times they just need that sucking more than others??? As for biting and telling you no all the time. He is a little young to understand much I just suggest telling him firmly no and that it is bad but don't push too hard as he is still a baby and will hopefully outgrow it. Good luck.

    About winter, sounds like you had a great adventure.

  5. Hi ya! Sounds like you had a good Christmas. Busy, but good. Hurray Liam started walking, you'll moving things up higher now!

    Too bad you got stuck in the snow, but hey, it's an adventure we all have to have at least once in out lives.

  6. I think the 365 challenge is a wonderful thing to do with a little one around- so much that you will want to look back and remember! So cool that he took his first steps on Christmas Day!

  7. hey, its pamelalynne from
    anyways, it sounds like your christmas was great, except for the crazy girlfriend. lol

    for the sucking on his thumb, it could be a security thing, or when he gets cranky he can suck on this thumb to comfort himself and maybe take a nap. Nathan never did that so I am not sure.
    However when it comes to biting, you could have a gelled teething ring and put it in the freezer. He is probably still teething. When he starts to bite, go to his level, speak in a soft, but firm tone and say "no biting." than have him play with a toy. This is what I did.

  8. Thank goodness for hot cocoa after a day like that!

    My son sucked his thumb in the womb! You could see it on his ultrasound pics! But, my daughter did it more when she started teething.

  9. Margy! There's something on my blog for you! :)