Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's 6 A.M......

So it's 6 am. I cannot believe that people actually get up at this time. You see, I am a night owl. I like to sleep late (preferable 12 or 1 pm), and I like to stay up late (usually till 3 or 4 or 5 am). So why am I up, when I should be sleeping next to my sweet baby, you ask? Well, I have a wonderful photography teacher, really he is just the greatest.... (If you could hear me say these words, you would realize that I am being sarcastic). He gave us an assignment. The assignment is to take 60 photos of our houses. Five, at different exposures, will be taken on each hour from 7 am til 7 pm. He says that this assignment is going to teach us the difference in photographs taken at different hours of the day. That is what he says. I, on the other hand, have another theory. I think that he is a sadist, and this is his form of Chinese water torture. By the end of a semester at school, students have gotten lazy. We are all ready for break, tired of homework, and ready for some stress-free living. He knows this (I'm sure of it), and this is his way of sticking it to the man (or in this case, the students). I also think that he severely dislikes me. It could be my big mouth. Or my loud opinions. Or it could be my smart-ass demeanor. Anyways, this is his way of getting me to fail at an assignment (which I haven't, yet). But, NO, I will not fail! In the words of President Obama, "YES I CAN." My teacher knows that I dislike the morning. The morning and I, we're not friends. The early bird can have the worm, I prefer the actual tequila. So, he is trying to bring me down. But I SHALL PREVAIL, so instead of getting up early I just decided to pull an all-nighter. This will probably not be my first all-nighter of the week... I have a seven page research paper due on Friday, so we all know what I'll be doing Thursday night, at 6 in the morning. I can't help it, I work best under pressure....

I really can't complain. Digital photography is my favorite class this semester, and I really do like my teacher. I've learned so much more than I could have learned reading a book about photography. I love taking pictures. Just not at 7 a.m. I'll miss the semester, once Spring begins, because I am taking some serious classes.

I've signed up for Anatomy & Physiology II, I will probably like it, because I do well with memorization. I also got my Biology II in this semester, which I love Biology... I am also taking two online classes, one is American History I, and another one, which I can't remember. The online classes shouldn't be a big deal. I am sad that I am not going to take any Math classes this year. I've pretty much exhausted my math options at HCC. Next year when I'm in radiography, I won't get any math classes either.... I wonder if there is a club somewhere for people who just like doing math problems. Like, for entertainment. I'm also not going to get to take Chemistry II, which is another big disappointment. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it to fit into my schedule, and I'm trying to cut my gas usage down during the Spring. Oh well, technically I don't need Chemistry II, or any more Math classes for my field, but they were going to be my funsie classes. Every student should take at least one class a semester for funsies. Digital Photography was my class this semester. You see, I have taken too many classes for my degree. Half of the classes that I have taken aren't going to transfer, because other colleges only accept so many credits. I don't really care though, because I took a lot of my classes, because I wanted to take them. So far, my favorite classes have been Digital Photography, Chemistry I, Biology I, Pre-Calculus Algebra, and the two Literature courses that I have taken.

I really love literature. Not English. On a side note, don't check my grammar, because it is 6 a.m., and I cannot be held responsible. Literature courses are so much fun. Normally, I am a Science and Math geek, but once I realized that there were puzzles inside stories, waiting to be found, I was hooked. I love the symbolism. I love researching something I read, like the time period it was penned in. That tells you a lot about a story. Except for Nathaniel Hawthorne. I dislike him. I realize that he is probably in every literature book in the history of the world, but he is just so damn wordy. Unlike me. I am to the point. Joe Biden and I, we're the same. Anyways, I get bored reading Hawthorne's short stories, and a person should never get bored reading a short story. Seriously, how many pages do you need to describe a tree.

I also dislike James Joyce. My hubby loves James Joyce. But, James Joyce and I, do not get along. I tried to read Ulyssess (spelling?) once. I got about 10 pages in, and I asked Trey, why they were talking about Dublin, Ireland when this was a novel about the Civil War. Yeah, he laughed. I felt like a jackass. That's okay though, even though some people pretend they can read James Joyce, they can't. Well maybe if they were on acid. I'm sure James Joyce took acid, or some form of drug. His stories just do not flow for me, but I don't think they are supposed to. I'm just not intellectual enough, or high enough, for James Joyce. I wonder if they have a book on tape of Ulysses... I still wouldn't understand it.

Okay, now that I have demonstrated my true geekiness, on to more important things. I know, you want me to shut up, but I still have 34 mins before I can go take a picture.

Liam stands on his own for a few seconds at a time. He can now fake cough. I think it is hilarious. I was choking on Ramen (who doesn't love Ramen), and Liam starts coughing and laughing at me. I didn't think it was nice, but Trey thought it was hilarious. He also likes to throw things on my head (while I am sleeping at 12 p.m., go figure). The other day he threw the remote on my head. It hurt.

Here are some pictures that I took at work last night. This is me and my best work friend, Jenna. We are in our Super Hero poses (sorry for the bad lighting). See her last name is Lackey, and my nickname from the Army is Khaki. We decided that we would become the SuperHero Team for Beverage Servers. Yes, that is a man standing behind us. His name is Slim, and he is so very tall. He is also African American. So when guests come up to the Bar to get a drink, I introduce him as my brother, Slim. You should see the looks we get.

SuperHeroes: Khaki and Lackey

My super hero ability is eating (go figure). Her super hero ability is her booty shake. (We have too much time on our hands).

This is our mysterious, Men In Black, pose.

Sorry this was such a long blog, but thank you for putting up with it!!!! I am off to set up my tripod, and figure out how to get my whole trailer in the picture without falling down my steep hill. If you don't hear for me, send a search party.


  1. Cool photos, it's great that you can have fun at work!

    I can't wait to see the photos you take all 60 of them! LOL or whatever you share on here with us.

    Hope your semester ends on a high note!

  2. Well, for someone that is not a morning person, you sure can chat up a storm!!! I have a button I used to wear when I worked at TGiFridays that said "Not a morning person doesn't even begin to describe me." or something like that.

    If you really want to do some math, you can tutor my ds!!

    Fake coughing...I remember that stage!!

  3. You should get up at 6am more often! LOL
    You know when it's not so cold out, i'm going to run that theory by with my own camera! Sounds pretty interesting. And love those fotos! I have to tell you i had a brother "Mario" in high school, i know THOSE looks...snicker

  4. Next assignment: Seven photos of star trails. Three hour exposure from 2-5 a.m. For a week. Don't have a cable release? Guess you'll be holding the shutter button . . .