Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So I've neglected my blogging for a few days. That's nothing new, it seems like blogging is the first thing to go (along with my previously firm thighs). Anyways, guess what?

My dad is buying me a laptop! YAY for me. Mine is so old, and I have used up all of the hard drive space on it. I'm a little shocked that my dad is going to buy me one, because while my dad is an extremely generous man, he sees me as the "responsible" child. Therefore, all of his generosity goes to my other four siblings.
So for Thanksgiving, me and the family are going to the in-laws house on Thursday. Trey's sister likes to cook (thank God), and we can always go over there if we need a decent meal. Then after that I have to work from 6 pm til 2 am. Hopefully, it will be busy at the casino, and people will be thankful for all the money that they have (and I don't), and tip me big (hey a girl can dream). On Friday we're packing for our trip, then I have to work again 6 pm til 2 am. When I get home we are going to take off for Va. Beach.

I love Va Beach. I go every chance I can get. The shopping, the food (at my dad's house), the family, and of course the beach. I also go to the beach every time we go up there. I don't care how cold it is, I need a proper amount of beach time, to balance out all the mountain time I get. Last December, I took a quick road trip up there to see my sister play a solo on the piano, and we ended up on the beach. I got some really great photos of her in winter clothes, playing in the sand. I don't know how much beach time I'll get this year, because I do have a 9 month old with me. Man, I love my child, but when you become a parent you have to think about something other than yourself. Being a spoiled brat, this was a hard concept to grasp (not really). So the beach trip may be a quick park, and stare. I was hoping to get some family pics on it, but if it's too cold my lil munchkin is not going anywhere!

So my Filipino family is crazy. Seriously and literally. My dad spends all of his time telling me what is wrong with my life, and how to fix it. This is the same guy who told me I didn't need glasses, and if I would just go out and stare at the sun for x amount of time each day, my eyesight would be restored. That's just my dad... "old and set in his ways." It is hilarious to listen to the crap he comes up with, but if you laugh he gives you "that look."

Ya'll know the look, the one that scares you even at the age of 28. The one that shuts you up almost instantly. So tonight, my public speaking teacher gave me that look. I hate when teachers give you "the look." I want to stand up and proclaim, "I am an adult!" So, here's how I got the look. We have a persuasion speech due.... She asked us what kind of emotions we would like to illicit during this speech, I responded with, "boredom." That was just the beginning. She then asked us, "Where do you want the audience to be at the end of your speech?" I then responded, "asleep." That is when I got "the look." But seriously, what kind of questions are those. I am just hoping the audience will still be in the room when I get through with my speech. Anyways, what kind of question is that?!?
So, while my dad is giving me the look, he will be cooking up the most awesome food ever. All of my childhood faves will be cooking, and he will have stuff wrapped and canned so I can have it at home. I grew up on Filipino food (my dad had custody of me til I was 14), and I have no idea how to cook it. Well to be honest, I don't cook anything, but I really don't know how to cook Filipino food.

So, on to my step-mom. I love this woman, but it took me a long time to realize that we were two very different people, and to just get on with it. You cannot change people. So, I will grit my teeth and manage. She will spend the weekend, asking me why I haven't lost my baby weight yet. She will talk about my ass, or any other number of ways to make me feel bad about myself. That is just her thing, it's something I have learned to deal with. Although, in the back of my mind I do realize she can't be that happy. What kind of person acts like that, and is truely happy with themselves. She will then proceed to ask me why Liam isn't wearing clothes from Baby Gap, or why I'm not wearing name-brand crap. After that she will bring out her collection of Coach, Guess, Dooney & Burke crap, and show it off to us. Sadly, she still hasn't realized that neither me or the man I love care about labels.

Mom and Dad in 2006

Now on to the two coolest people on the face of the earth: Gyrome and Jezzelle. They are the reason that I have managed to maintain such good terms with my step mom. I grit my teeth, so their lives won't be any harder.

Gyrome is 17, and the coolest, sweetest teenager you will ever meet. We'll stay up and talk about everything! He is like all other teenagers, but he is also responsible, respectful, and very loving. He was/is the best part of my childhood. We'll probably go to the mall Saturday night, and check out new video games and all that.

Jezzelle is 15, and a little hellion. She is all gothic and emo (although I have no idea what any of that crap means), so she walks around being "apathetic" to everything. I have such a good time with her, because she is so mean like me. She is also so creative. She plays so many different instruments, and does so many different things. This year she was a flag girl in marching band, and because no one told me in time, I didn't get to see any of her performances. She is also extremely smart. She lets me take hundreds of pics of her, and she poses without complaining. What an incredible little sister.

Gyrome and Jezzelle 2006

Well that's my Filipino family!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. Have a great Thanksgiving Margy! I hope you get some "warm" beach time. I love the beach too, but it is the beach on Lake Michigan, totally different from warm beaches LOL.

    I love coming to your blog and getting to know more about you and your family.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Way cool blog today! The audience{me} is totally satisfied by the ending of your very heartfelt blog concerning your family......ROTFL!! ;)

    Great job describing the people in your life. There's a wise old saying, "you can't live with them, and you can't live without them." The look has haunted me for over 35 years, i feel your pain.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I love reading your blogs I think they're great. Have a great Thanksgiving! Say hello to little Liam.

  4. Boy, don't you have an interesting family. Hope you love the new laptop, I want one. Sounds like your brother and sister and really great kids.

  5. Boy, sounds like you have an interesting family! Your brother and sister sound like two really good kids.

  6. Sorry you have to deal w/ all that criticism from your family...I get that from my in-laws.

    PS...I don't really have to give up nursing per se, it's just getting that time...my son is almost 16 months old! lol. He still nurses 1-2 times a day, but it's getting time for him to wean (past time according to some ppl).

  7. That was an incredible blog! You had me laughing! Your family sounds great and quirky at the same time, just like mine, and probably everyones!

    I hope you were able to manage some selfish little beach time! All moms deserve to be selfish at some point - it's the only way to keep your sanity!