Monday, August 11, 2008

My ScrapRoom Is Finished (well until I decide to change it around some more).

My goal for the two week vacation I have between classes was to organize my scraproom. I am one of those people who love to organize and re-organize, and never quite seem to get anything done! I think that I have my scraproom exactly the way I want it, at least til I get rich, and can make everything matching and pretty like in the magazines!

Here is the view of my scraproom as you walk in the room. Underneath the desk I have drawers organized by color, and then a set of drawers with the tools I use the most.

To my left there is a white shelf which I put these blue and green fabric thingies that I found at Walmart. In here I've got big things that won't fit in a drawer... my punches, my acrylic stamps, and my 8 X 8 paper. On the top of the shelf I have a box for large photos, some flowers, and my sewing machine (that I never used, because I don't know what the hell I'm doing!) When I get the money I want to replace this with a Baker's rack, that I can do my stand up cutting with my making memories trimmer and my sizzix. To my right there is a big gorgeous window that has a little ledge. It is not organized as nicely as I would like it to be, but it will do for now. On it I have this really cool wooden thing that displays my ridiculous collection of flowers. Next to that are my boxes of photos organized by date. Beside them are some scrapbooking books and the Creating Keepsakes Fun With Photos Memories and More Binders. I think I want to get rid of those, but I have no idea. Below the window are 3 white sterilite tubs that I got at walmart, these are full of my cardstock, patterned paper, and kits. I like to be able to thumb through my supply so this worked best for me!

To the right of my desk is a file cabinet with my HP printer/scanner on top. To the right of that is another set of 12 X 12 Sterilite drawers that house tools I don't use often, felt, foam, rubber stamps, and little things like that.

Next to the window I have a panel of black pegboard (found at Walmart), on this pegboard I have all of my stickers and packaged things. Trey calls this the wall of shame. LOL.

This is the right side of my desk. I use the pegboard to hold some tools, and the items for my current project. I just got the making memories carousel (did not realize how big that bad boy is), but I love it. I keep a basket on my desk for all my pens, my zig writers, and there's a glass cutting mat. There is also a place for me to set my laptop, so I can hook it to the printer or the pazzles.

The left side of my desk holds this shelf thingie I got at AC Moore for like $30. It's kind of like the one Making Memories has, only cheaper LOL. In front of it, most of the left side of the desk is taken by my Pazzles Inspiration! I love this little piece of machinery, even if I don't plug it up and use it as much as I should!

There you have it! It is all nice and neat, and probably will never look like this again. Thank you for reading my blog, and checking out the scraproom I worked so hard on!


  1. Margy this looks awesome. I have a table like yours but need a bit more space so I can organize better. Bet you'll be sailing through layouts now!

  2. WOW!!! Love your scrap room!!! so jealous!!!!

  3. Wow that is a fantastic space to work in!!! Looks great!

  4. You have a lot of nice goodies. I know what you mean about moving things around. I use to do that alot when I was way younger like in my 20's. I would move everything around in my apartment about once a week. For me it was a way of "making a change" since things were so mundane for me back then.

  5. You can come organize mine anytime!!!